Welcome to Mercy Hackathon CTF

on October 12 (evening) & 13 (Saturday 8am - 5pm)

CAE Lab, Maher Hall 112

Background and Why You Should Attend

A hackathon is in general a day long (can be 12 hours to 48 hours) completion where developers, designers, practitioners, hackers come together to build something cool. There may be a hackathon on

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How It Runs at Mercy on October 12 & 13

Note that


1. About Your Data
2. Check all the subjects or courses already taken.
CISC 131 or Python
CISC 231 or Java
CISC 321 or Linux
CISC 359 or Web Services
IASP 530/IASP430 or Forensics
IASP 550 or Intrusion Detection
IASP 560/IASP420 or Wireless Networks
IASP 585/CISC 385 or Cryptography

Note once your data are successfully posted, you are able to watch more tutorials.
    Tutorials are about
  • Basic Linux command
  • Network configuration
  • Linux services: ssh, http
  • CTF: network, cracking hashes, hex editors, backdoors
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